July, 2017

Helga Levy

Dear Friends and Fellow ALRONA Members,

As you may know, we are experiencing difficulties making reservations at The Desoto Hotel in Savannah. The hotel has been sold by the Hilton Group, and the change in ownership will take effect as of August 1. Our contract with the DeSoto will be honored, and we are looking forward to a great time in Savannah..

No regular on-line reservations method is operational as of this point and, as previously announced, we recommend that you contact the Group Rooms Coordinator

Tonya Harris, tel. 912-443-2021 or email: tharris@thedesotosavannah.com

If she does not answer her phone directly, please leave a message with your phone number, indicating that you are a member of ALRONA, and she will call you back in the order the calls come in.

At the present time, she will not be able to give you a confirmation number. We were assured that this situation will be remedied by August 1, and at that time our members will receive an email with the confirmation of their reservation.

In the meanwhile, we urgently request that you return your attendance checklists with the hotel reservation information to Margaret Eaton, at your very earliest convenience, so Margaret can keep track of the attendance numbers as well as compare her records with those of the DeSoto, once their system is operational.

Your cooperation in this unforeseen situation is highly appreciated.

Dear Friends, the ALRONA Board is looking forward to seeing many of you in Savannah !

Till then.... Be well and stay well,

Helga Levy





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