January, 2021


Happy New Year

Dear colleagues,

We do not know what the future holds as we’ve been through so much this last year. My hope is for a better New Year for you and your loved

Unfortunately, our anticipated Seeheim Anniversary event that was rearranged for 20-22 Aug 2021, has been cancelled and rescheduled to take place in 2022. Exact dates will be advised accordingly.

I’ve been invited to attend the Annual GeLH Board meeting in Seeheim on March 20, 2021. Although doubtful, I hope travel will be permitted at
that time.

I will try to set up a meeting with our ALRONA Board sometime in January as we have not met in many months. Unfortunately, we must discuss the need of a Vice President position as we lost our dear friend and
colleague, Isobel Haddow.

Again I must restate my hope for a better New Year for all of us.

Please stay healthy, please stay safe and please continue life’s journey
with joy.


Maggie Eaton

Eaton Alrona.eaton@optimum.net






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